The Best Tool for Acne

Acne. It’s the worst. It takes time, patience, and a whole lot of frustration. You never know what’s good or bad for it since it varies from person to person. This patch may be the only exception. After my first buy, I knew I would not be able to live without it. This award-winning product deserves every ounce of recognition it gets.





Sokoglam claims, “It treats breakouts by eliminating infection and bacteria, which is what causes them in the first place. It’s able to break down debris from blackheads and absorbs gunk from whiteheads over-night so you won’t experience a harsh dry patch from using this. It even helps flatten and heal cystic acne faster!”

I have to say that I completely agree. Never has a product description been so accurate and logical. This is a hydrocolloid sticker which means that it sucks all of the gunk out of your pimples. While many people claim they simply slap this on their pimples, in my experience the best time to use this is when a whitehead has formed. Unfortunately, I must pop the pimple and then use the patch because the patch won’t absorb the gunk if the wound is not open. While this may sound unpleasant, it is the most effective way to use the patch for me. While using this product there are some things to keep in mind, you must have clean skin for this to be both sticky and useful. After you wash your face, make sure you put the patches on the affected areas before applying toner, serums, etc. The patch will have direct access to the pimple and will be able to absorb more. This patch sticks quite nicely to the face even when showering or washing the face. (Just be gentle around the area with the patch.) Once this patch absorbs the gunk, you can literally see the gunk inside of the patch. Sometimes, the gunk will protrude out of the patch (Gross but satisfying).


Cellulose gum, Styrene Isoprene, Styrene Block Copolymer, Polysobutylene, Petroleum Resin, Polyurethane Film, Liquid Paraffin, Tetrakis Methane

Ingredient Analysis: Obviously, this is not the same as a cream or a serum so its’ ingredients are material based rather than ingredient based.  All of the ingredients are expected as the material is rubbery and justifiably so. The Liquid Paraffin could be seen as slightly worrisome (it’s used to soften and moisturize the skin)  but it’s proven to be safe for the skin so not to worry!


Sokoglam: $5 (Not including shipping)

Amazon: $4.49 (Including shipping)

I usually get the 10 pack on Amazon which costs $23.78 making each pack $2.38. Each pack has 24 patches of various sizes so this would be a pricey treatment if you have a bunch of small pimples. This works best as a spot treatment. (I wish they made a face mask out of this stuff haha). I think the 10 pack is the best deal, it has free shipping, it’s much cheaper in bulk and I go through these so quickly, I need the 10 pack. I wish they made these in mothertruckin’ rolls.

There are 9 large patches, 5 medium patches, and 10 small patches. I have found all of the sizes to be useful.

I like to cut the big/medium sized ones in half sometimes if I run out of the small ones. That way you don’t waste bandage. Simply sanitize a pair of scissors with some rubbing alcohol and cut away. The half moon works fine for small pimples but if you aren’t sure what size you need, go for the bigger size in case you are off center or the patch fills up quickly. The more you lift the patch the less sticky it will be and the less it will absorb.




They are tightly sealed so the patches keep their stickiness. For this reason I recommend you keep them as tightly sealed back in the packaging. 


I cut the big patches in half.




The Run-Down:

The only concern I have with these is they fill up faster than I would like them to. They are quite impressive with gunk capacity already but one patch will not be enough for a large pimple. I usually wear these during the night because they are quite noticeable in specific lightings. If I wake up and all of the gunk isn’t gone, I have to put on a patch to continue to suck the gunk out until there is no gunk left to be exposed to the air where it may get infected. If the patch isn’t on the wound, it will close and you will need to reopen it to expose it to the bandage. If you have a better way of using the patches please let me know but the patches do not work for me if I simply slap them on. Overall, I love these (in fact I’m wearing some now!)

WARNING: Pictures have gunk in them so beware.


White blotches are pus that have been sucked out. Yuck!




A lil’ thicc but it’s to absorb as much pus as possible


Pros and Cons:


  • Works really well
  • Pretty fast treatment
  • No fragrance
  • Works for all skin types


  • Is a spot treatment so you must treat each pimple individually
  • Must pop the pimple
  • Very visible

Who Should Use:




I LOVE THESE SO MUCH! I rate this 5/5 punches. This is a must for anyone who struggles with acne. I will buy this forever and ever. Cosrx recently came out with a thinner/ less visibly version that is meant for the day-time but I prefer to heal my acne as effectively as possible. I will update you guys if I choose to purchase the Master Patches. This post is not sponsored by Cosrx (sadly, this is my favorite product of all time).

Thanks so much for fighting with us! Sorry for not posting last week :< School is a total bummer. Check in next Friday for a review of Neogen’s Green Tea Cleansing Stick! ❤


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