The Vegan Glow Brand Review

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while, but I’m back! I’m super excited to be writing this post for you guys this week, because The Vegan Glow actually sent me these products to try! Although I did not pay for these products, I swear on my love for Niacinamide that I will be completely honest! When The Vegan Glow first contacted me, I was … Continue reading The Vegan Glow Brand Review

When Will We Have A COVID-19 Vaccine?

It feels like we’ve been in quarantine for ages… and until a safe and effective vaccine is approved and released, life won’t be the same. The questions is, when we be able to get a vaccine? Weeks ago there were rumors that several possible vaccines, so does that mean we’re close? Most vaccines take years to develop, so does that mean that we’ll be in quarantine for years? So many questions but not many answers. Continue reading When Will We Have A COVID-19 Vaccine?