Does Charcoal Toothpaste Work?

Hey guys! So today I’m going to be talking about a very exciting topic… Toothpaste! Okay, but really isn’t charcoal toothpaste weird? It makes your teeth all black but claims to whiten your teeth? I decided to try out some charcoal toothpastes for myself to see what was up with the craze.


I decided to try two brands: Hello and CaliWhite. It seemed like both were super popular on Amazon with Hello coming in with almost 5,000 reviews and a rating of 4.5 stars. CaliWhite was even more popular with 13,000 reviews and a rating of 4.5 stars as well.

My personal experience with these two toothpastes was pretty similar. I am an occasional coffee and tea drinker so my teeth weren’t super stained but they were also not Colgate commerical white so I was looking for some improvement. What I found was a slight whitening increase, but that could be because I both brushed my teeth normally and then brushed again with the charcoal toothpaste. I didn’t want to slack on my normal hygiene routine just in case the charcoal toothpaste was not up to the job. Unfortunately, upon further research I discovered that charcoal toothpaste might actually be more detrimental toward your teeth than I initially thought. Although charcoal toothpaste whitens your teeth, it also will gradually break down the teeth enamel, never to be replenished again. This can have permenant effects on your teeth health. So for that reason, I have decided to forego my charcoal toothpaste and only use it to clean my retainer.

What do you guys think about charcoal tooth paste? Do you guys also have weird teeth whitening methods? Leave a comment down below!

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