Kaja Mood Balm


Hey guys! I’m not much of a makeup user but when my lips match my skin color, I get a lot of, “Hey, are you feeling okay?” So for those days, I like to get a little color. That’s where this intriguingly orange balm comes into play! I have the Kaja Mood Balm in First Thing which changes from orange to a peachy color.

Claims: On Sephora they say,

“Apply to bare lips for a sheer flush of color, or layer over your favorite lip product to transform its shade and finish.”

A light pat across the lips will give a sheer flush but a full application will be like lipstick. This balm is thick, and if you’re going for the light wash of color, definitely less is more. I can also see how layer this would be really pretty.


Sephora: $14 (Free shipping on orders over $50)

Memebox: $14 (Free shipping on orders over $35)

First Thing
Looks carrot orange

The Run-Down:

I really like this tint. On me, the tint is more of a cool tone pink but still pretty natural. Furthermore, if I just leave the balm on overnight or for a while in the morning, it stains the lips really evenly. The balm comes off quickly when eating but the stain stays. In terms of moisturization, I think the balm actually dries out my lips a little so I only use it for color. If I want to use this, I have to apply a layer of Burt’s Bees, otherwise it’ll make my lips peel. Overall, I really like the shade that I have, and I would definitely recommend it.

Pros and Cons:


  • Stains long lasting
  • Really pretty
  • Natural


  • A little drying

Who Should Use:

I think anyone who is looking for a lip balm that can go from sheer to full coverage lipstick would really enjoy this. It stains beautifully and the shades would work for anyone.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

4/5 stars

It’s a little pricey because you could acheive the same effect with another cheaper korean tint, but I still realy enjoy using this.

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